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Passion and technological innovation of a large team of international professionals at the service of Hair Stylists.

We are a team of Scientific Researchers and Hair Stylists, with world-wide experience.

We are proud of what we do and of the difference we are making in the hairstylist world.
We feel a great responsibility towards the profession, as well as for the world in general.
As a company, we believe it is our mission is to support salons in enhancing their professionalism.
We are constantly working on research and development , using only the very best technologies and innovations in the world;
that allows us to create safer products of the highest quality and effectiveness, following the highest professional standards , giving your customers a unique experience in the salon with lasting results and healthier hair as never seen before.

We ensure and guarantee we will always:

  • Research and use natural raw materials by creating “socially aware” products that deliver the best performance in the most delicate and environmentally friendly way.

  • Continually recognize that the best way to grow our clients’ business is to support new unique and tangible services in technology to stand above the rest of the market.

  • Fully disclose all product ingredients and act only in full transparency, honesty and integrity.

  • Not tolerate any product tested on animals.

  • Educate and provide information for our customers to improve and increase customer loyalty.

  • Support the professional salon sector by distributing our product lines only to professionals.

  • Our company rewards LOYALTY

These are the characteristics that distinguish us!